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Imagine a world where many sites were blocked- you could only go on ones your Internet provider liked. Imagine paying extra for sites you love like Instagram, American Girl, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and of course, AGDN. The site operators don't get any of it- the internet provider does.

That might soon be a reality. Today, the FCC repealed a law protecting the Internet from Internet providers that want to do what I described above. But, if Congress stops them, then the Internet will be free.

Here's how you can help:

1- SPREAD THE WORD! From carrying a picket sign at a grocery store to posting on a popular blog, you can make a difference.

2- Text RESIST to 504-09. Say "Congress" and "123 Main Street, (Your town and zip code)" Use "Please save the free Internet and vote against the repeal of net neutrality." After that, send "DONE" and "SEND". Make up a name to use! Put a random word for your email.


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