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My Christmas List

This is what I want most for Christmas- it’s only in four days for me! (I get presents from my dad and grandma on Christmas Eve, and presents from my mom, nana and “pop-pop” aka grandpa on Christmas Day) 

For dolls, I want Truly Me 33 the most because she is really pretty. I’d name her Pearl.

For books, I want (not really a Christmas present) MY GOTY 2018 BOOK REVIEW COPIES TO COME! I got my Real Stories from My Time review copies yesterday, so hopefully they’ll come soon!

For clothing, I want Nanea’s Holoku Dress the most. It is so pretty and important to her stories! 

For accessories, I want Nanea’s Hula Implements the most because I NEED A DOLL UKELELE. I used to have Kanani’s ukelele, but lost it.

For furniture, I think it would be cool to have Z’s Desk Set. It seems so cool to have a editing space for my doll! (Which is way better than my editing space- mine is the toilet seat!)

Now that I’ve shared my Christmas wishes, it’s time for you to share yours! For Christmas people, what do you want the most? For Hannukah people, what was your favorite gift? For people who don’t celebrate any winter holiday or a different one, what thing from AG do you want the most?

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