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Doll of the Week: Jade!

CHRISTMAS IS UPON US WAHOO! I'm so excited! I got so many cool presents from my dad yesterday, and I can't wait to see what my mom gets me tomorrow. The Doll of the Week is Jade!

Jade is a total fangirl and loves to cosplay. Her favorite show is Miraculous Ladybug and she loves to cosplay as Marinette and Ladybug. She is a bit shy, but when she goes to conventions, her shy side is out and her Ladybug side is in! One time at a convention, she met the voice of Ladybug herself, Cristina Vee! That time, she was a little shy but she used her real superpowers to work up to courage to say hi. That power is confidence.

On Election Day last year, Jade was so fired up that she advocated for Ladybug to become president- here's the video where she did that!

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