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Review: Luciana- Braving the Deep by Erin Teagan

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The new Girl of the Year is almost here! Her name is Luciana Vega, and AGDN has the scoop on her first. Here's a review of her second book with NO SPOILERS!

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Luciana is lucky- she is one of only six kids picked around the country to go to youth astronaut training camp, where she has a chance to dive in a underwater habitat to train for space life! When she arrives, she's excited to see her friend Ella from Space Camp, but Ella quickly makes friends with another girl, Claire. Claire is the daughter of a rich businessman and boasts and brags a lot. When Luciana accuses Claire of sabatoging Ella's practice for the dive team, nobody believes her. Things get worse when, on the day of the diving habitat visit, Luciana gets in a underwater crisis. Luciana will have to persevere through her struggles, which includes worries about her baby sister Isadora's heart surgery back home, in order to get through camp.

This was an amazing sequel to the original Luciana book! It shows off Luciana's character wonderfully- the author, Erin Teagan did a great job developing it. Like the first book, Luciana's relationships and struggles were portrayed wonderfully and the finale was amazing- I wanted to cry! This was amazing overall and I give it 10 out of 10 stars! Now, I want Luciana: Out Of This World to come out soon! May, where you at?

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