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Review: Luciana by Erin Teagan

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The new Girl of the Year is almost here! Her name is Luciana Vega, and AGDN has the scoop on her first. Here's a review of her first book with NO SPOILERS!

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Luciana is a girl who loves science, specifically space. She is overjoyed when her essay wins her a scholarship to Space Camp, but what happens when she finds herself the team leader and drives her team to make bad decisions? She gets her team into a lot of trouble, but Luciana knows a good leader never gives up- on both the team goal and the people in it. Meanwhile, her parents are adopting a baby girl from their home country of Chile, Isadora, and she suddenly goes missing from the orphanage- another worry in Luciana's bigger problem of whether she'll be a good big sister- and a good leader.

This was an amazing book! Luciana was an amazing character to read about, and her personality was awesome. I'd want to be friends with her. The other characters were interesting, from cousins Charlotte, Meg and Ella to Joanna, a girl from Germany. It was really fun to see Luciana form a bond with Ella in particular, because they have some troubles in the beginning. The ending was a bit predictable for me, because every year it feels like the Girl of the Year is the ex machina of her entire group. Overall, this was awesome and I gave it 9/10 stars!

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