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American Girl St. Louis CLOSING!

NBC Channel 5 in St. Louis has said that American Girl will be leaving the Chesterfield Mall in St. Louis, Missouri by February 21, 2018. A spokeswoman for American Girl has cited challenges facing the mall property which adversely impacted the store's business.

In third quarter 2016, the Chesterfield Mall had a pending foreclosure after one owner of the mall sued the other. Also in 2016, the Dillard's in the mall flooded. In June 2017, the foreclosure was finalized. The challenges for Chesterfield Mall has caused American Girl to join many stores to leave the mall.

This is the first time American Girl closed a permanent store without relocating it somewhere else. After the store closes, Missouri shoppers will only have the Toys R Us in St. Peters and Kohl's stores to buy dolls. If they want to go to a true American Girl store, they have to drive 3 hours to Kansas City.

If you want this store to not close, sign this petition:

“American Girl Store in Chesterfield Mall to Close in February.” KSDK, 4 Jan. 2018,

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