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Happy Birthday, AGDN

Today is a very special day for me. It's AGDN and SM Network's FOURTH BIRTHDAY! This is the birthday video I made for SM Network:

Four years ago, I did this to start this:

This is amazing how I've kept up with this for four entire years. Usually, my phases last one to two years- let alone four years, turning 5 in October. (I didn't start AGTube and this blog until January 2014, but I started liking AG in October 2013.) This isn't just a phase- it's my life, and I hope to keep this running for the rest of my life. (Even when I'm a old granny, I'll post every day!)

But, most importantly, AGDN wouldn't be turning four today if it weren't for my blog readers. Give yourself a round of applause- and cheer for yourself if you've been here since 2014!

Now, I have a surprise for you.

I'm making a LUCIANA SERIES! It's called Luciana: Taking Off.

"Luciana has had an amazing journey from Space Camp all the way to the Atacama Desert, but she wants to share her journey with others."

That's all the description I'm giving you!

Thanks for FOUR AMAZING YEARS and I can't wait for the next four more!


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