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What Costs More- Luciana's Whole World or A Trip to Space Camp?

Welcome to my new blog series, What Costs More! Here, we will see what costs more- a doll's entire collection or a expensive activity or thing related to the doll! Today, we are seeing what costs more- Luciana's entire collection or a trip to Space Camp!

Luciana's collection is huge- ranging from a additional book to a $350 Mars Habitat. A trip to Space Camp costs $999, plus a $50 registration fee- making it $1049.

Here's our math to figure out the cost of Luciana's fun world:

Luciana Doll and First Book- $115

Luciana's Accessories- $25

Discount on Doll and Accessories- $-5

Dress for Girls- $48

Space Suit- $75

Mars Habitat- $350

Flight Suit- $28

Maker Station- $100

Pajamas- $24

Telescope Projector Set- $40

Robotic Dog- $35

Stellar Outfit- $34

Visitor Center Accessories- $20

Backpack for Girls- $28

Pajamas for Girls- $40

Slippers for Girls- $20

Luciana: Braving The Deep Book- $7.99

Pre-Order of Luciana: Out of This World book on Amazon- $7.99

Mini Doll on Amazon- $24.99

The total cost is, drumroll, please:


So far, the trip to Space Camp is more, but only by $32.03. Luciana's collection will be the winner after the summer release.

Did you like this? If you did, I have good news for you: I have plans for posts like this for EVERY AMERICAN GIRL COLLECTION EVER!

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