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What Costs More- Melody's Whole Collection or A Piano?

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day, I'm doing a What Costs More episode featuring Melody! This day would be special to Melody since she saw him deliver a speech in No Ordinary Sound and fought for equal treatment of all people. Today, we will see what costs more- Melody's whole collection or a electric piano!

The best electric piano I found cost $900. Let's see if Miss Ellison's collection can beat that price!

Melody Doll, Book and Accessories: $134

Birthday Outfit: $32 Birthday Party Accessories: $40

Fancy Floral Dress: $34

Hairstyling Set: $22

Recording Studio: $250

Microphone Set: $38

Electric Piano: $48

Dog: $22

Play Outfit: $28

Table and Chairs: $85

Block Party Set: $68

Bed and Bedding: $95

Bedroom Accessories $45

Christmas Outfit: $34

Fancy Coat: $34

Travel Essentials: $48

Pajamas: $24

Pajamas for Girls: $42

Girls Inspired-By Top: $32

Girls Inspired-By Skort: $42

Melody Mini Doll and Book: $24.99

Never Stop Singing Book: $9.99

Music In My Heart Journey Book: $9.99

The Lady's Slipper Mystery Book: $9.99

All of this is a grand total of:


Melody's whole world won by a whopping $351.96! Congrats, Melody. Your collection is more expensive than a electric piano.

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