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Create Your Own Doll Contest! WIN A FEATURE ON AGDN!

Do you want to win a feature on this blog? To celebrate my 13th birthday, I'm having a Create Your Own Doll CONTEST! The rules and how you enter is pretty simple!

How to enter:

1- Go to americangirl.com/create-your-own/create.

2- Find a base doll and hit "Create Yours".

3- Customize to your liking.

4- When you're done, hit "Add to Bag".

5- To save your doll image, right-click on the doll and hit "Save image as".

6- Go to your email, and create a email. Make the recipient either sydney@americangirldollnews.com or sydneymadisonnetwork@gmail.com. Make the subject "Create Your Own Contest Entry" or else I won't see it. Email the doll picture to there.

And you are done! The only rule is- you can't copy a doll AG has already made. Let's use #58, a doll you can recreate on the Create Your Own Maker, as a example. If you make #58 with a different eye color, that's OK! But if you just make #58, you get disqualified. The contest ends on Feburary 2. The winner's creation is going to be featured Feburary 3!

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