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Today marks the end of my childhood and the beginning of my teenage years. I can't believe this day has come. I've always thought, when I turn 13, will I stop loving dolls? When I turn 13, will I wear makeup and drink Starbucks and be boy-crazy? The answer to both of those are NO. I will not give up what I love to do, just because my age isn't the recommended age for the thing I love. I don't just play with dolls. I film with dolls, I take pictures of dolls, I blog about dolls, I find out lots of information about dolls. I read about my dolls- to teach myself lessons about life, to see life from a different perspective, to find out what my dolls are like. I immerse myself in their worlds, with the amazing books, dolls, play sets, movies, outfits, accessories, playthings, online games, magazine, and building sets. I create names, stories and backgrounds for the dolls that don't come with them, and I restore dolls that I rescue from owners that don't want them anymore- and give them a fresh new life. I've found amazing friends from this hobby- that might not be in real life, but when I open my computer, phone or iPad, they exist. I will not stop loving American Girl just because of a number of years I've lived.

Now that I told you that this isn't the end, I have FOUR SURPRISES!

1. (Not a surprise to people who already watched my Luciana vs Gabriela Rap Battle)- I CUT MY HAIR! This is the shortest it's ever been. My new look is in this video at 2:23.

2. I'm making a short film for a movie contest to win $1000 AND a scholarship to my dream film school! It's called Dress. Here's the plot:

"Logan is a boy that likes to wear dresses. When he wears one to school, he gets suspended by the mean teacher, Mrs. Middleton. The other kids in his class don't feel this is right, so they protest by wearing things not allowed in the dress code- pajamas, swimsuits and yes, the boys wear dresses. Even though things go wrong, the students feel proud of what they did to help Logan."

This will be out by the end of the month/beginning of next month.

3. I'm starting a new series called The Revolutioners!

"The year is 2038, and creativity and imagination are illegal. No pencils or keyboards for storytelling, no toys for playing, no instruments for playing. Technology companies and Google are the only companies, and YouTube is the only entertainment outlet: but people can only make videos based on one thing that changes every week- and the CEO of YouTube, Amanda Kelly (played by Lynlee) hates creativity and imagination. Three girls, Gemstone (played by Luciana), Skystar (played by Destiny) and Lyrica (played by April), also known as the Revolutioners, are sick of the limits."

That's all I can tell you. To quote Thomas Astruc (the creator of Miraculous Ladybug), "No spoiler!"

4. The most exciting- I'VE ORDERED A CREATE YOUR OWN DOLL! Her name is Sara, and if timing works, she'll be my 100th doll. Here she is!

If you made it to the end, you get a piece of birthday cake! No presents needed to get one, reading my blog is the best one!

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