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BeForever: Who Will Get "Cubed" Next?

Definition of "Cubed": Only available in a single-cube display in the three flagship stores (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York) and online.

In the past year, cubing has replaced retirement. Instead of a doll being not in production for good, they are cubed- which means that they only have accessories and pajamas, and are only available in a single-cube display at the flagship American Girl Place stores and online. But I was thinking- WHO WILL GET CUBED NEXT?

I believe it would be Kit because her biggest items are on sale right now, and she was available at Costco this November.

I also believe it might be Josefina because she has the least items of any BeForever character, excluding the cubed dolls. (Dolls are Felicity, Addy and Samantha.) Rebecca might be a good guess too, because not only does she have the same collection amount as Nanea, a doll that came out in August, while Rebecca came out all the way back in 2009...

But REBECCA'S BEEN ON BACKORDER! She won't get back in stock until February 23. Maybe AG started slowing down production for a planned cube, but there was a demand of Rebecca dolls for Christmas?

Who do you think is going to be cubed next?

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