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BeForever: Who Will Get "Cubed" Next?

Definition of "Cubed": Only available in a single-cube display in the three flagship stores (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York) and online.

In the past year, cubing has replaced retirement. Instead of a doll being not in production for good, they are cubed- which means that they only have accessories and pajamas, and are only available in a single-cube display at the flagship American Girl Place stores and online. But I was thinking- WHO WILL GET CUBED NEXT?

I believe it would be Kit because her biggest items are on sale right now, and she was available at Costco this November.

I also believe it might be Josefina because she has the least items of any BeForever character, excluding the cubed dolls. (Dolls are Felicity, Addy and Samantha.) Rebecca might be a good guess too, because not only does she have the same collection amount as Nanea, a doll that came out in August, while Rebecca came out all the way back in 2009...