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Old American Girl Doll Commercial!

Happy February! It's been hard coming up with post ideas because there is nothing going on in the AG world right now, but today I'm sharing some old AG commercials!

American Girl's first real commercial was in 2010, but their first commercial was in 2009 for their Historical Characters Happy Meal promotion. The commercial is probably my favorite for the Historical line- it shows a girl in a mob cap reading the Felicity booklet toy while eating a apple slice by a old-fashioned lamb, and then the mom turns on the light to reveal Felicity! I really like McDonald's American Girl commercials and even though American Girl has only been featured twice, hopefully they get featured again next year thanks to the pattern I figured out (first in 2009, then in 2014, hopefully in 2019)

The first official American Girl commercial was for My American Girl in 2010- it showed girls doing different activities with dolls, and then a girl playing on Innerstar U. This is one of my least favorite commercials for My American Girl, probably because I don't like the "Watch Us Shine" song that much.

American Girl released six commercials in 2012.

The first one was this rare My American Girl advertisement, which is like the one above but with newer products and a different song called "My AG". It wasn't aired much- it was only aired under 200 times. I don't like it that much because the music makes it cheesy.

The second one was a commercial for Caroline, which showed a girl playing with Caroline's sets. It would've been one of my favorites if it wasn't for the cheesy music, but it's pretty cool!

The third, fourth and fifth ones are my favorites- it shows girls doing cool things and then playing with the dolls that inspired them to do it. There's one for Julie, Rebecca and My American Girl.

The last one is a rare online-only commercial for the American Girl store in Seattle.

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