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American Girl's Sales Go Down AGAIN!

2017 was a rough year for American Girl. (As well as 2016 and 2015, but that's for another time.)

Mattel reported their Quarter 4 2017 and 2017 results today, and while several other brands were lucky to rise, American Girl was not one of them.

American Girl's sales decreased by 23% during Quarter 4 2017, and decreased by 21% in 2017. This is due to "lower sales across channels".

What are things you would do to boost sales? I'd do these three things:

1. Make more appealing and different dolls, like Luciana. Dolls about things that other dolls haven't done before help!

2. Post full length WellieWishers episodes on YouTube, to make them more accessible. Not many people have Amazon Prime, and most kids are on YouTube these days.

3. Advertise before YouTube videos that feature competing brands. YouTube ads are the new TV commercial!

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