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New American Girl Books for Fall 2018!

Scholastic revealed their new American Girl books for Fall 2018!

The fourth A Girl Named book focuses on Helen Keller, and will come out October 9, 2018.

The A Girl Named series tells the stories of how ordinary American girls grew up to be extraordinary American women. After an illness that made her blind and deaf at a very young age, Helen Keller's world suddenly became dark and quiet. Then Helen's parents hired a teacher named Anne Sullivan. Anne connected with Helen and helped her understand the amazing world around them. Helen eventually became an activist for Americans with disabilities. Helen's inspiring story proves that anyone can defy expectations and make a difference. In addition to stories and facts about Helen's upbringing and accomplishments, this book includes a timeline and glossary, plus a profile of a noteworthy and contemporary American girl following in Helen's footsteps.

The next 2 books are early readers based on the WellieWishers show. (The first two came out on Tuesday, I just hadn't gotten a chance to go to Barnes and Noble and grab them. Maybe today.) Both will come out on August 28, 2018- just in time for some WellieWishers fans to head into kindergarten!

The first one is called Ashlyn's Fall Fiesta, and is adapted from the WellieWishers episode The Party That Blew Away.

Ashlyn's fall fiesta is going perfectly. . .until the wind comes and ruins everything! Can the other WellieWishers help Ashlyn have fun at the party, even when things don't go as planned? This Level 2 beginning reader is based on the bestselling American Girl WellieWishers characters and the charming animated series. Includes a collectible paper doll of Ashlyn to dress up!

The second one is called Kendall's Snow Fort, and is adapted from the WellieWishers episode Snowflaking.

There's a storm coming! The other WellieWishers promise to help Kendall build a snow fort to keep the animals warm. But there are so many other fun things to do in the snow. Will Kendall get the help she needs before the storm arrives? This Level 2 beginning reader is based on the bestselling American Girl WellieWishers characters and the charming animated series. Includes a collectible paper doll of Kendall to dress up!

The next book is the last book in the Like Sisters series, Caitlin Takes Charge. It will also release on August 28, 2018.

aitlin and Natalia have been best friends since kindergarten. When Natalia's cousin Emma moved to town, Caitlin missed having her BFF all to herself, but is learning to share the love. All four friends sign up to be on the school carnival planning committee. But when Natalia has to drop out, Caitlin is upset -- she wanted to spend more time with Natalia, not Zoe and Emma! But Caitlin surprises herself by sticking up for Emma when the eighth grader leading the committee starts teasing her. Now she, Zoe, and Emma are on the mean girl's bad side. Caitlin's normally rock solid confidence is shaken. Emma and Zoe want to quit, but Caitlin is determined not to let a bully ruin their fun!

The next book is the third book in the Forever Friends series- Keiko's Pony Rescue. It will come out on September 11, 2018.

When Keiko's aunt invites her and her friends Madison, Jasmine, and Sofia to spend two weeks on her farm, the girls are thrilled. They can't wait to milk a cow and help take care of the farm animals, including a horse who's expecting a baby! But when the foal is born with a leg problem, the girls aren't sure how to help. Will the new foal be okay?

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