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Doll of the Week: Emerald!

Emerald is the Doll of the Week this week!

I got Emerald for Christmas 2016 from my grandma, who lived with my dad at the time, on December 23.

Emerald Chase is a girl who wishes for a better life. She is living all alone in a terrible homeless shelter after her parents abandoned her. When a girl named Carlie Pantes learns about Emerald, Carlie decides to let Emerald live in her basement and go to school with her. When she meets her long-lost fraternal twin that has been abandoned too at school, Dana and her house-buddy Shara, Emerald and Dana work together to find a loving home that they can live at as sisters.

Emerald was a character on my old series Seaside. I quit it because the girl I did it with wasn't friends with me anymore.

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