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What If American Girl Dolls Had Senior Yearbook Quotes?

My sister is going to be a senior next school year, and I want her yearbook quote to be "I called my sister's obsession." (Just kidding, but it's true. A couple years before I started loving AG, I had a Build-a-Bear phase, and I got a new Build-a-Bear every week. She said, "Imagine if she loved American Girl.", and even though I don't get a new doll every week, I am obsessed now!) But I can't do that, so I thought of coming up with every single American Girl historical and GOTY yearbook quotes! I'll do Truly Me soon.

Kaya, Class of 1773

"Do not call me Magpie."

Felicity, Class of 1783

"I'm done! Now I can ride my horse all day."

Elizabeth, Class of 1783

"The fact that I graduated is very funny."

Caroline, Class of 1821

"Time to sail away from school!"

Josefina, Class of 1833

"I took better care of the students than the school nurse."

Cecile, Class of 1862

"Here, homework spreads like the Yellow Fever."

Marie-Grace, Class of 1862

"School is nothing like a parade."

Kirsten, Class of 1863

"Why did recess have to end in fifth grade?"

Addy, Class of 1873

"I've been here shorter than all of you guys and yet I have the best grades."

Samantha, Class of 1913

"If you call me Miss, I will lower your GPA."

Nellie, Class of 1913

"I'd rather do school than work in a factory."

Rebecca, Class of 1923

"High school was no musical."

Kit, Class of 1941

"Breaking News: Kit Is Free!"

Ruthie, Class of 1941

"This isn't the last you'll see of me."

Nanea, Class of 1950

"I guess I'll spend the rest of my life working in the market."

Molly, Class of 1953

"In school, fun is rationed."

Emily, Class of 1953

"Don't do what I did to get a flutophone solo that time in third grade."

Maryellen, Class of 1963

"I'm the only Maryellen in this book."

Melody, Class of 1972

"When I started school, I couldn't even have a quote in this yearbook."

Julie, Class of 1984

"The best part of school was basketball."

Ivy, Class of 1984

"Be thankful you didn't have to go to Saturday school."

Lindsey, Class of 2009

"Down with pets in pants!"

Kailey, Class of 2011

"If it wasn't for me, you couldn't go to the tide pools for our graduation party."

Marisol, Class of 2013

"When I was 10, it was a we'll see about a dance studio here. Now I'm 18 and there's still no dance studio."

Jess, Class of 2014

"I discovered an ancient ruin in the fourth grade and you're still sitting around on your phones."

Nicki, Class of 2015

"I don't say yee-haw. Ever."

Mia, Class of 2016

"Watch me in the Olympics in 2 years."

Chrissa, Sonali and Gwen, Class of 2017 (Yes, they all had the same quote.)

"Why are these quotes so expensive?"

Lanie, Class of 2018

"This book was printed on dead trees."

Kanani, Class of 2019

"A shaved ice shack on the beach is paying for my college."

McKenna, Class of 2020

"I'd rather break my leg again than do school again."

Saige, Class of 2021

"If the art programs go away again, they won't be returning because I won't be here to save them."

Isabelle, Class of 2023

"Get me to sign your yearbook before I'm rich and famous."

Grace, Class of 2024

"Nothing in here was a piece of cake."

Lea, Class of 2023

"One thing that is slower than sloths is school."

Gabriela, Class of 2024

"I wanted to make my quote a poem, but it was too expensive."

Tenney, Class of 2023

"I'm still tiny like a seed."

Logan, Class of 2021

"I'm the only boy here."

Z, Class of 2022

"Why did they glamorize school in those movies?"

Luciana, Class of 2025

"I'm not bringing a single one of my report cards on a spaceship."

What one was your favorite? What one could you see yourself doing? I don't have a favorite, but I could see myself doing Chrissa, Sonali and Gwen's.

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