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Special Dolls Update

I finally have good news about Special Dolls!

If you don't know already, I am making a doll line called Special Dolls, which features dolls with special needs as the focal point of the brand and creates strong, stereotype-breaking characters for them. I've been working on making it a reality since April of last year!

Over the past year, I have had so many factory delays, bad prototypes and miscommunication over the prototype making of Elliana, my first Special Doll. We have had so many bad quality prototypes of dolls- rooted hair, skinny body, painted eyes, wonky faces, bad quality clothing- and delays, delays and more delays! But before the Chinese Spring Festival, the head of the company that is making Special Dolls went to China to guide the factory in the right direction for Special Dolls. I am proud to say that Special Dolls will have this:

-Wigged hair!

-Eyes that open and close!

-Cloth body!

-Vinyl head and limbs!

I will have the completed doll in about a month- they are working on the wig, head and prosthetic right now. But for now, here's the body with a regular right arm!

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