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The Worst Character in American Girl Doll's Series

Bad news- American Girl didn't get a presentation at Toy Fair. Good news- I'm making up for that by listing the WORST CHARACTER IN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL'S SERIES! (Up to Samantha, because I ran out of ideas. I'll do a part 2 soon.)

Kaya's Series- Anyone that calls her Magpie. BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T DESERVE THAT NAME, OK PEOPLE?

Felicity's Series- Jiggy Nye

Jiggy Nye abuses animals for fun. And he's drunk all the time. Animal abuse and being drunk at the same time equals scary.

Caroline's Series- Lieutenant Morris (no picture on the Internet I could find)

I've only read Meet Caroline, but what kind of person A takes person B prisoner, steals a ship that was sailing peacefully and then drops off person B's daughter like nothing happened? A bad one.

Josefina's Series- Florecita (again, no picture on the Internet)

Mean goat. That's all.

Cecile and Marie-Grace's Series- Lavinia Halsworth

I've only read Meet Marie-Grace, so I'm not aware if she changes, but classism only gets you one place: a spot as the worst character in your series on American Girl Doll News.

Kirsten's Series: That Mother Bear From Kirsten Saves The Day


Addy's Series: Master Stevens (no photo)

Anyone who owns slaves ends up on this list.

Samantha's Series: Eddie Ryland

He's mean. And dumb. He doesn't think three times four is twelve.

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