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Every Girl of the Year and Contemporary Character's Pets

The modern dolls are obviously known for their cute pets! Ranging from dogs to cats to llamas to bunnies, they're all in this post!

Lindsey had a dog named Mr. Tiny in her stories, but he was never made.

Kailey had a dog named Sandy in her collection. Sandy isn't Kailey's dog, she's a dog Kailey meets at the beach and only is mentioned once, but never by name. Sandy made a barking noise when you pressed her paw and cost $18.

Marisol had a beloved cat named Rascal. Rascal came in the set called Marisol’s Dance Duffel and Cat for $24.

Jess didn’t have a pet, but she had a stuffed monkey named Toshi, who came in Jess’s Travel Accessories, which cost $24. 

Nicki had two pets in her collection- Sprocket, a service dog that she trained, and Jackson, her horse. Sprocket was available as Nicki’s Dog-in-Training for $24 and Jackson was available for $65.

Mia didn’t have a pet, but her stuffed animal collection- a walrus and a penguin- was included in Mia’s Bedroom Accessories for $30.

Chrissa had a mini-llama named Starburst. She was sold as Charissa’s Pet Llama for $25.

Lanie had many animals in her collection. Her pet bunny, Lulu, was sold in Lanie’s Accessories for $32. Lanie also had a plush orangutan in Lanie’s Nightgown and Orangutan for $28, a racoon in the Racoon and Can set for $28, and a Wildlife Set with a squirrel, owl, fox and four butterflies for $34.

Kanani’s collection included her dog, Barksee, in her accessories for $28 and a monk seal that Kanani rescued as Hawaiian Monk Seal for $18- $1 from every seal went to the National Wildlife Federation. In her stories, Kanani had a rooster, but they never made the rooster.

McKenna had two pets- her dog, Cooper, was available as McKenna’s dog for $24 and her hamster, Polka Dot, was only available in McKenna’s Loft Bed Set, which cost $225.

Saige also had 2 pets- her dog Sam (often mistaken for her grandma’s dog Rembrandt) was available as Saige’s Dog for $24 and her grandma’s horse, Picasso, was available for $94. Picasso was the first American Girl horse to have posable limbs.

Isabelle had a kitten named Tutu, which was available for $22 as Isabelle’s Kitten.

Grace had a dog named Bonbon, which was available as Grace’s French Bulldog for $22. 

Lea had three animals in her collection- a sloth, margay cat and sea turtle for $20 each. $1 from each animal went to the World Wildlife Fund.

Gabriela has a cat named Maya, which costs $22. 

Tenney has a dog named Waylon, which costs $24. 

Z has a dog named Popcorn, which costs $28. Popcorn was originally part of the Truly Me line as the Dalmatian Puppy.

Luciana has a unique pet- a robotic puppy named Orion that lights up and makes 20 noises. Orion costs $35.

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