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Doll of the Week: Jess!

Jess is the Doll of the Week!

I got Jess on December 23, 2017, when I opened my Christmas presents from my Dad. She is Girl of the Year 2006.

Jess is a adventurous girl who loves to play soccer and the guitar. She loves it when she gets a chance to do something exciting- and with her best friend Kanani by her side, the fun never ends! Together, they are out of the house the most out of all the other dolls and do crazy, exciting things, like building a amusement park in their backyard, making their couch fly and even going to the moon! Jess struggles with long car rides and going to the movies- basically anything that is sitting still. Unless it's playing guitar!

Jess hasn't been in a stopmotion yet, but she was opened in this video:

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