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BeForever New Releases In-Person Photos!

Aside from the trailer, Maryellen did get some pretty neat things- and Nanea did, too! Here are in-person photos of those.

This is Nanea’s radio!

Nanea is holding the camera from her Birthday Accessories here in her Tropical Birthday Outfit.

Nanea got amazing presents for her birthday- a skirt for Mele, a kitten purse and a Nancy Drew mystery!

This is Maryellen’s Hiking Accessories.

Maryellen in her Vacation Playsuit!

Here’s Maryellen’s Campfire Cooking Set!

A closeup of the neat accessories in Nanea’s Shave Ice Shop.

Nanea in her Palaka Outfit with her Shave Ice Shop!

Last but not least, Nanea in her Tropical Birthday Outfit!

I’d love to visit a real life Nanea’s Shave Ice Shop. How about you?

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