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Maryellen’s Airstream Travel Trailer In-Person Photos!

I went to the American Girl store tonight and took photos of the releases! My first post of this will be a detailed look at Maryellen’s Airstream Travel Trailer. 

The interior of the trailer has a red-and-white checkerboard design and contains a couch and a kitchen area. 

The kitchen has a refrigerator with different groceries and a oven with a frying pan.

The pull-out couch has a striped design.

There is also a pull-out table to eat on.

There are also above storage cabinets and a bulletin board! 

This is the entire interior of the trailer.

Here is the couch pulled up as a bed!

The exterior of the trailer features a step and a silver back that has a door with a “Larkin’s Rolling Estate” decal. The back is plastic.

Do you want this?

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