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Today is the American Girl spring release! Here are all the new goodies:

Maryellen's Airstream Travel Trailer- $350

This is nice, but expensive.

Maryellen's Vacation Playsuit- $32

This is cute, but to quote Ladybug, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

Maryellen's Campfire Cooking Set- $50

One word- OVERPRICED. Unless the fire is anything but plastic. Then we'll talk.

Maryellen's Hiking Accessories- $25

This is so cute! The only drawback is the monogram, because if it wasn't for the monogram, I could steal it for Rose. Oh well- maybe I can find a sticker sheet somewhere and put R.K on it.

Nanea's Palaka Outfit- $28

AHH THIS IS SO CUTE I NEED THIS! I think I'll get it with my birthday money when I go to the store on Saturday.

Nanea's Shave Ice Shop- $100

If this is wooden, then TAKE MY MONEY! If it's not, oh whale. I have Kanani's Shave Ice Stand, anyway. (But it's not very useful because I lost all the accessories except for the shave ice machine.)

Nanea's Tropical Birthday Outfit- $28

I love this. I hope my sister buys it for me, because she's obsessed with anything pineapple-themed. (She probably won't. If she doesn't, I'll buy it myself.)

Nanea's Birthday Accessories- $30

I could do without the Nancy Drew mystery. But the skirt for Mele, camera, and purse? YES.

Nanea's 1940's Radio- $25

AMAZING! I hope I don't lose the aux cord this time around. (But all my dolls except for Jade hope so- she'll just play the Miraculous theme all day.)

Molly Mini Doll and Book- $24

Bad news- big Molly's rerelease must've gotten delayed. Oh well, at least we can have tiny Molly for now.

Books- ranging from $9.99 to $22.99

All these books came out today! I am excited to read the new BeForever ones.

These Mega Construx sets are also on the site:

One thing's for sure- if they have these at the Charlotte store on Saturday, I'm going to have a building party! (All AGDN readers are invited! Just kidding, I wish!)

What's your favorite thing that released today? My personal favorite is Nanea's Palaka Outfit for doll items and Luciana's Space Lab for non-doll items.

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