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Who Was The President During American Girl Historical Character's Stories?

Happy President's Day to my American readers! I'm pretty annoyed, because I have school ON A HOLIDAY! (I'm not having another day off until Spring Break... sigh) Anyways, in honor of President's Day, I'm making a list of each person that was president during American Girl historical characters' stories.

Kaya and Felicity both had no president- America didn't exist yet!

James Madison was the president during Caroline's stories.

New Mexico was still a part of Mexico during Josefina's stories. The President of Mexico at the time of Josefina's stories was Guadalupe Victoria.

Franklin Pierce was the president during Cecile and Marie-Grace's stories and Kirsten's stories.

Abraham Lincoln was the president during Addy's stories.

Theodore Roosevelt was the president during Samantha's stories.

Woodrow Wilson was the president during Rebecca's stories.

Herbert Hoover was the president during part of Kit's stories.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president during part of Kit's stories, Nanea's stories and Molly's stories.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president during Maryellen's stories.

John F. Kennedy was the president during part of Melody's stories.

Lyndon B. Johnson was the president during part of Melody's stories.

Gerald Ford was the president during Julie's stories.

Happy President's Day!

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