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The Worst Character In Every American Girl Doll Series- CONTINUED!

Here's a continuation of my Worst Character in Every American Girl Doll Series list!

Rebecca's Series- Miss Maloney (no picture)

Making your students, which some of which are Jewish, make Christmas ornaments is one thing, but telling them that "Christmas is a national holiday" is clearly another. If she was a teacher in 2018, she'd be fired right away.

Kit's Series- Roger

He needs to go to somewhere where he can’t be mean to poor people.

Nanea’s Series- Anyone who didn’t treat Lily like a human being.

Molly’s Series- Alison Hargate

She’s so selfish- in a time where the least thing you should be is selfish. I’d hate to be Molly and have to hear Alison boast all day.

Maryellen’s Series: Skip

Just because you’re in sixth grade doesn’t make you better than everybody else- and Maryellen came to your team to fly a rocket, not be a secretary! From, a SEVENTH GRADER.

Melody’s Series: Every racist person. Because racism is terrible.

Julie’s Series: Coach Manley

Female athletes exist. You should know this more than me, because you’re a coach. From, a person who HATES PLAYING SPORTS.

I'm going to do Girl of the Year and Contemporary Characters soon!

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