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American Girl Doll News Book Review: A Winning Spirit!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Yesterday, I read Molly’s first BeForever volume, A Winning Spirit. This is my review!  

I loved this book. This isn’t a entirely new story, this is a volume of the first three books in Molly’s Central Series: Meet Molly, Molly Learns a Lesson and Molly’s Surprise. This is a nice and historically accurate account of a ordinary girl in small-town America having to deal with all the changes the war overseas has brought. It is amazing that American Girl brought back this story alongside Nanea so girls can see two different sides of World War 2- a girl having to deal with the war right in her home, and a girl who has to deal with the ordinary problems that the war has brought. The writing is a bit outdated, since these stories were first written over 30 years ago, but reading this book has made me fall in love with Molly all over again. I can’t wait to read her second volume! 9 out of 10 stars.

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