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American Girl Doll News Book Review: Stars, Stripes and Surprises

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I finished reading Molly's second BeForever volume: Stars, Stripes and Surprises! Here's what I thought.

This was a bound book of Molly's last three Central Series books: Happy Birthday, Molly, Molly Saves the Day and Changes for Molly. They were amazing! You can tell that Valerie Tripp's writing improved since the first three Molly books. I actually felt like I was in the story, right along with Molly and her friends. I couldn't put it down! Unlike the last volume, this book actually had transitional paragraphs to explain what happened in between the three main stories- it actually said what happened to Emily after Happy Birthday, Molly! (Spoiler alert- she went to her aunt after two weeks, still went to Molly's school, and Molly and Emily walked Yank and Bennett together every weekend. While Molly was at Camp Gowonagain, Emily was in Wisconsin visiting family friends.) Great job, American Girl, for reintroducing this classic story to a new generation! 10/10 stars!

NOTE FROM SYDNEY ABOUT HOW IMPORTANT BOOK RERELEASING IS: Thank goodness American Girl brought back Molly's books! I only got to read them through my school library back in fourth grade, because in third grade I didn't know they had them and in fifth grade, I went to a different school. I always wished I could go back to read Changes for Molly again, because I only skimmed through it while I was waiting to perform in my school talent show. I didn't know the library carried it, because some jerk had it THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR and only returned it when you couldn't check out books anymore. I was just sitting, alone because I didn't want to be teased by the popular girls who were all singing the same pop song, by the American Girl section of the library, and noticed the book. I only got to flip through it for five minutes because after those five minutes, I had to come out. I'm so relieved I got to actually read Changes for Molly! (SPOILER ALERT: The popular girl group stunk, and I rocked!)

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