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The Struggle Of Being a #46- By Kara

Hello! My name is Kara, and I am Truly Me #46- NOT GABRIELA. I came here after Gabriela- I was bought at the American Girl Benefit Sale last July. All I remember was being in a pellet with a bunch of #46s by a big crowd, and then I was taken out by a table. I noticed a girl with long brown hair, brown eyes and glasses with a big purple bag, and her dad with another big purple bag. The girl told her dad, "We need to get all the retired ones!" Her dad nodded. When I heard the girl with glasses say that she needed to get all the retired ones, my heart skipped a beat. I was retired! I might be chosen, finally! The girl then grabbed a #12, then ran to see if they had any more retired dolls. "No 32.", the girl said sadly. "No 34." Then the girl grabbed the last #38, cheering, "I GOT THE LAST 38!" As the #38 manager took away the display #38, she walked by the 40s dolls, grabbed a #41, and then went right by the 46 dolls. The girl grabbed me, and then after 10 more minutes, I got out of the bag and got paid for, and then me and the other dolls were sent to the UPS station to get shipped to North Carolina. After five days, the girl opened up me and all the other dolls she got at the sale. But when I got opened, I got a picture taken with a doll that looked exactly like me.

"Are you a #46?"


"Then who are you?" "Gabriela, the Girl of the Year."

I quickly learned two things about being a #46:

-Everybody confuses you for Gabriela (except my owner, Sydney)

-Everybody confuses Gabriela for you (again, except Sydney)

More people should be like Sydney. Learn the differences at

P.S From Sydney: The site listed above doesn't exist.

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