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American Girl Memories

American Girl is amazing, but some people are always pressuring you to leave them behind for popular things than you aren’t comfortable with. So, I decided to make a post featuring memories with American Girl dolls that other girls couldn’t make with Netflix and at Starbucks!

One special American Girl memory was yesterday, making my Marinette doll. It was so much fun being able to turn a ordinary doll into a one of a kind creation. This doll also gave me a chance to blend my two fandoms together!

Another special memory was when I visited the American Girl store in Charlotte for the first time. I was so overjoyed that there was a store in my town, and I got a doll with my own money to celebrate!

The last memory I’m sharing was them American Girl Benefit Sale. It was so much fun to see a bunch of American Girl fans, get some dolls and bond with my dad who I don’t get to see often!

What is your favorite AG memory?

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