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New American Girl Stopmotion- WAIT A SEC, IT'S NOT ON YOUTUBE?

I made a new stopmotion. But there's a catch to this one.

It's not on YouTube.

I made a educational stopmotion about spotting fake news for a contest called What's Your Story, where if I win, I will receive $10,000- which most of will go towards ways to improve my directing and film education to make better content for you guys to watch!

You guys can help me become a finalist. You can watch the stop motion with this link here- only one view per device counts- to help me become one of the top videos and get into the final judging. If you want to help me more, you can sign up for a account on What's Your Story, rate my video five stars and leave it a helpful and constructive comment- one rate and comment per account!

Thank you for helping!

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