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Words on A Screen: A American Girl Story

I wrote this little story from the point of view of my Truly Me #60, Jade. Let me know if you want this to be a series, or to do stories from multiple dolls' view!

(Italics are Jade's writing, bold is Jade's flashback)

(Note: My doll's version of Miraculous is set in Leakville, not Paris. Same stuff happens.)


The spots were off.

The claws were in.

But the eyes were closed.

And then my heart broke.

Like clickbait on a video

A rickrolled link

Hopefully the reveal will come soon

Soon enough, I think.

I hit "PUBLISH" on Archive Of Our Own. My new Miraculous fan poem was up! I was so happy and proud of it. Suddenly, people flocked to it, and within a hour, these comments were lighting up my phone:

"Amazing, Jade!"

"You summed up every Miraculer's thoughts. Great job!"

"It was so good, I cried as much as I did to the actual scene."

I smiled with joy when I saw the comments. People out there, on the Internet, cared about me. These nice people who didn't even live in my town were being more supportive than most kids at school.

It was May 2017, and I was running for class president. I put up posters of myself, like everybody else. The next day, after I put up the posters, I noticed something was different with the posters.

My white tee-shirt was replaced with a red long-sleeved one with black spots.

There was a red mask with black spots on my face.

A phone was in my hand.

Instead of reading "Jade For Seventh Grade Class President!", it read "Jade is too busy with her Ladybug fan stuff. Instead of electing someone that looks up to a hero, vote for a hero. Vote for Claire instead!"

That was how Claire Jacobs won.

And that was the start of Claire Jacobs' cruelty.

Claire was like Chloe Bourgeois, but way, way, worse. She had it all, since her dad was a rich bigwig trying to send people to Mars. Claire would do anything and everything to get what she wanted, even if it meant bullying to get it. And boy, did she keep on bullying.

October 20, 2017. The day before the first ever Season 2 episodes of Miraculous. The entire school was invited to Claire's birthday sleepover that night, and she expected everybody to show up. I knew from last year that if someone didn't show up to Claire's birthday party, they'd be bullied and humiliated through the wall. If she didn't do that, only a mere tenth of the student body would come. I was planning to attend, but since it was a sleepover, I couldn't. I had something to watch at 4 am.

I told Claire the words that would land me in hot water: "I'm sorry, Claire, but I can't come to the sleepover."

She responded back: "Why? You came last year!"

I knew the real reason. I was nervous to say it at first, but I didn't care if she'd make fun of me. She'd be even madder if I made a fuss about a fake excuse.

"It's the season premiere of Miraculous Lady-"

"NOT! A! VALID! EXCUSE! I'm more important than that baby show you watch!"

"But I've been waiting for this for TWO! ENTIRE! YEARS! And it's not a baby show- it's a chronicle of what goes down when we have a Code 400!"

"Whatever, I don't care about Code 400s."

Ever since then, every time a Code 400 (school code for "akuma attack") happens, Claire yells, "It's a Jade!" Everyone laughs, but I don't.

I just hold my lucky star necklace and hope for a day kindness isn't just words on a screen.

Did you like this? I hope you did- it took me a entire hour!

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