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American Girl History Lesson: Hopscotch Hill School!

It’s time for another American Girl History Lesson! Today, we’re going back to kindergarten with Hopscotch Hill School! WAIT A SECOND- do you even know what Hopscotch Hill is? Well, you will find out now!

Hopscotch Hill School was a line of dolls from American Girl targeted for ages 4 to 6 years old. They were 16 inches tall and had wigged hair, painted eyes and limbs that had knees and arms that could bend. They were released in 2003 and the line was discontinued in 2006. Each doll had their own book that was sold with the doll, which were written by Valerie Tripp. The books had very simple plots that taught a basic lesson. The dolls had outfits and accessories to go with them.Unlike the classic American Girl dolls, you could buy the dolls’ meet outfit separately for $22. Each doll was $48.

There were four dolls, but three came out when the line released in 2003.

The first doll was Logan (a girl, not to be confused with the Contemporary Character Logan Everett).

Her book was called Thank You, Logan. Nature-loving Logan comes to school on her day to take care of the class rabbit even though she has a cold, prompting Miss Sparks to teach the students about proper sneezing etiquette.

The second doll was Skylar.

Her book was called Bright, Shining Skylar. Skylar is very bright and does well in school, except that she has a hard time staying in her seat and waiting to be called on, but a special starry project shows her that she can change.

The third doll was Hallie.

Her book was called Hallie's Horrible Handwriting. Hallie likes everything about school except handwriting, but her new teacher and a project with butterflies helps her like that too.

The fourth doll came out in 2004. Her name was Gwen (not to be confused with the companion doll to 2009's Girl of the Year)

Gwen is the fastest runner, the highest kicker, and the top-scoring champion of the soccer team. But when her spelling bee team slides into a losing streak, Gwen learns that good sports are the most winning players of all.

The line included meet-style books for two characters that were never made, probably due to the choice to discontinue the line. One was called The One and Only Delaney and the other was called Lindy's Happy Ending.

While learning about comparisons such as "big, bigger, biggest," Delaney begins to unfavorably compare her skills in reading, drawing, and joking with those of her classmates, until Miss Sparks helps her identify her own talents.

Lindy has great ideas, but she forgets to finish what she starts! When she forgets to put the lid back on the ducklings' box, she really lets trouble loose in the classroom. Find out how a few friends and a field trip help Lindy find her way to a happy ending.

Did you like this? What should I do after AG Minis (which are next): Angelina Ballerina or American Girl video games?

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