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I had four ideas for this year's summer movie. Then I took away one because I didn't have all the dolls I needed for that one. Now I have three ideas. I've never had multiple ideas for a summer movie, and I've had a hard time deciding. I love all my ideas and connect to them all, but I decided to put the power in YOUR hands! Yes, you guys, everyone reading AGDN whether they watch my AGTube or not. (If you don't, please subscribe to SM Network if you can!) I need all the votes in by Thursday so I can work on the script over spring break and start production as soon as the script's done for a summer release!

Past summer movies include Different (2016), How To Save A TV Channel (2015) and Power BFFs (2014). Sadly, I didn't have one last year due to moving, but I'm coming back at it this year!

Idea 1: April- An American Girl Story. The third installment in my American Girl Story series (if it wins) centers on April, my Truly Me 49, a girl who doesn't really have a path in life but likes piano and dancing. When her sister (JoJo) goes to LA to record some songs, April is dragged along. While in LA, she discovers making videos and realizes her true path- to become a director. When she gets home, she uses her talents to overcome bullying by Rose (Truly Me 36), cope with a life-changing diagnosis and try to help out charity.

Idea 2: Human (working title). Revolves around Jazz Thomas (Rachel), a girl with anxiety and depression so intense that she can’t step outside her door alone. She goes to school and required places that she needs to be with her twin Alivia. (Alyson) School is hard on her, and she tries to be out of the spotlight at all times there. But she has a little secret- in reality, she is the superhero, Moonbeam, who saves the world from a group known as the Perfects, who want the world to hate. Only Alivia knows Jazz’s secret, and always is where Moonbeam is fighting so Jazz can be comfortable. She strives to be perfect as Moonbeam and feels like that will be her only accepted form. She’s scared the world will find out that she’s insecure in real life- until they actually do.

Idea 3: Breakdance. Louisa “Lou” Sunris (Peggy) wants more than to just be the worst ballerina at the Leakville Boarding School of Performing Arts. But her teacher (Ella) and principal (Amber) believe that ballet is the form of dance every student must take- and there is no other styles allowed. At all. While walking home from school, Lou spots a breakdance club where you have to dance to win a good prize- $1000 each time. The catch: all identities must remain a secret. Lou goes as “Queen Dance”, and ends up winning. Her performance goes viral, and everyone loves Queen Dance. The problem? The principal finds about about the club, and bans the students from going. Will Lou stick to the rules of her preppy boarding school- or keep on dancing? (Based on the Miraculous Breakdance AU by starrycove on Tumblr)

Press here or scroll down to vote on your favorite:

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