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Long Overdue Nanea Book Series Review!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

This is very long overdue- these released in August, but I've had them since July as a gift from American Girl- but I finally am reviewing Nanea's book series!

Why has it been so delayed, you may ask? So, I went to the American Girl Headquarters the day after the Sunday American Girl Benefit Sale (which was awesome, by the way- I can't come this year due to the American Girl camp I help out at being the day after the sale, but hopefully I can come again next year!), and I got some really nice presents from American Girl when I came. Nanea's Central Series was in the bag they gave me, to my shock! I was so happy, and right as I got to my gate I cracked open the books. I finished before I boarded the plane, but I couldn't blog what I thought as the in-flight WiFi was really expensive since I was flying on one of the smaller regional planes. Soon after I came back home, I had to move and then I pretty much forgot about reviewing the books. Until now!

These books were perfection. I laughed. I cried. I learned more about World War II and some of the darker parts of it that we aren't taught in school. And when I looked at the plane after reading, I thought for a second it was to Hawaii instead of Charlotte. That's how effective it was into transporting me into Nanea's world. 10/10 recommended read.

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