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Create Your Own: Unreleased GOTY Best Friends!

I decided to make the unreleased Girl of the Year best friends as Create Your Own dolls because I'm in pain with cramps and I can't really film. Plus, I'll make one for Z too (not Tenney because Tenney has a companion doll). References are from my American Girl book library- NOT THE MOVIES, I trust the books more- unless otherwise noted. Here we go!

Lindsey's new friend, April

Kailey's best friend, Tess

Marisol's best friend, Sara (no description or illustration, so I'm just going off imagination)

Jess's new friend, Sarita

Nicki's best friends, Becca and Kris

Mia's best friend, Anya

Lanie's best friend, Dakota

Kanani's cousin, Rachel (Kanani's real best friend is Celina, but Rachel is more important to the story)

McKenna's friends, Toulane and Josie (I know Josie is in a wheelchair, but CYO doesn't have that option)

Saige's friends, Tessa and Gabi (they have equal importance)

Isabelle's best friend, Luisa

Grace's cousin, Sylvie (I know Maddy and Ella are Grace's best friends, but I feel AG would pick Sylvie for Grace- I used the cover of the e-Book "Grace and Sylvie" as my reference)

Lea's new friend, Camila

Gabriela's best friend, Teagan (I'm trusting the illustration in Gabriela: Time for Change more than American Girl World, sorry not sorry)

Luciana's friend, Ella (Luciana's real best friend, Raelyn, is virtually irrelevant. American Girl World is my reference for Ella)

Z's friend, Lauren (not making Mariela because she's just 44- again using AG World as a reference)

Who do you like the most?

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