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National American Girl Doll Day!

There are lots and lots and lots of national holidays. There’s National Doll Day, National Barbie Day and National Plush Toy Day, to name a few.

But, there’s a major problem.


It’s been 32 years since they’ve released, and have sold over 100 million books and over 30 million dolls. If Barbie, a doll that promotes that you can be anything as long as you’re blonde, skinny and wear high heels, has a day to herself- then why shouldn’t the strong, independent, outspoken and WAY BETTER American Girl dolls have one?

I found a website where I can register a national holiday to become official. The problem is, I have no ideas on what day to choose. There’s no obvious day, unlike other things. So, I’m letting you guys choose!

Here are my ideas:

-September 14: the day American Girl dolls released

-January 1: the Girl of the Year has been released on this day every year since 2007

-October 11: International Girl Day and National American Girl Day could share a date!

What day do you want to be National American Girl Day?

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