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American Girl Wilmot Warehouse CLOSING!

Tough times are hitting American Girl hard. Today, American Girl announced that they are closing their Wilmot, Wisconsin warehouse and call center, which also means that they are cutting 135 jobs- 22% of their workers in Wisconsin, which American Girl also has a warehouse in DeForest and their headquarters in Middleton. The warehouse will close on June 29th of this year, with the call center closing sometime in the first quarter of 2019. Most of the distribution work that the Wilmot location did will be moved to DeForest and Middleton, as well as the call center work moving to Middleton. With the new work, American Girl expects for their workforce in DeForest and Middleton to rise- and current Wilmot employees can apply for DeForest and Middleton. Sales at American Girl have plummeted due to lower interest and relevancy, as well as the closure of Toys R Us. It fell 21% last year and has been falling ever since 2013. "American Girl has been facing headwinds for the past several quarters. While difficult, the decision to consolidate operations is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.", said a spokeswoman for American Girl, Julie Parks, about the closure of the Wilmot facility.

My heart goes out to all the people at American Girl during this tough time. I hope you guys are able to make a huge comeback as soon as possible! 

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