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New AGSM Movie: Human Details!

I am currently in the process of filming my 2018 American Girl stopmotion summer movie, Human! This is my biggest project ever, and I am so excited to bring it to life. Here's some cool details and behind-the-scenes photos!

This is Rachel! She is a Just Like You 42 doll who plays the leading role in the movie, Jazz (aka Moonbeam)!

Without Rachel, this movie wouldn't be on. Human started as a book idea with Jazz and Concord, who is Jazz's best friend, having flipped roles- meaning Concord was Moonbeam and Jazz was the best friend. But when I saw Rachel in the Blue Sea Dress (Moonbeam's costume), I realized that Jazz had a better story to tell and would drive home the message of the movie better, so Human got promoted to a potential summer movie idea, and then won the vote!

This is Alyson. She's a Truly Me 43 who plays Alivia, Jazz's twin sister.

I knew that Jazz needed a twin sister from the get-go, even when the movie wasn't about her. A twin would be perfect for her so she had someone her age to trust with all her struggles and hopes, and had no chance of ditching her for someone else. I knew I wanted her to be positive, extroverted and have a unique style- so Alivia was born!

This is Abigail. She is Truly Me 24 who plays Concord, Jazz's best friend.

Back when Concord was Moonbeam, I knew from the get-go she was strong and accepting of everyone. She was a bit of a outcast herself, so when I changed the story I knew that Concord and Jazz would have a tight bond. It was a tough choice to have Concord not know Jazz's secret until everyone finds out, but I knew it was what Jazz as a character would do.

This is Daisy. She is Truly Me 57 who plays Stella, a classmate of Jazz's.

Stella was created as a plot device to introduce the conflict of the movie, but in the writing of the script, she took a life of her own and became more relevant in the plot. During the movie, she has a character arc that is very important to me and shows something that many people face. I can't tell you, though, because I'm supposed to tell you no spoilers.

Don't forget to watch the movie when it comes out this summer! Are you excited?

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