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American Girl's Turnaround Plan

Yesterday, Mattel announced their turnaround plan for American Girl. I finally got time to listen to the conference call and note the turnaround plan.

The plan has four key parts:

1- Overhauling the omnichannel (different methods of shopping, for those who aren't business-literate) experience and making sure they get the price/value equation right.

This includes reinvigorating the premium retail experience with better merchandising and marketing to inspire kids to want to come back more often.

2- Enhancing customer relationships and conversion through best-in-class data management and costumer relationship management and improving the online experience and personalization.

3- Delivering a far smarter direct marketing and loyalty program to increase purchase frequency with American Girl's most avid costumers.

4- Modernize the brand's content ecosystem to both attract new customers and deepen brand passion of existing customers.

I'm excited for 1 and 3 mostly, but am really curious about 4. 2 is long overdue and I'm happy to see that happen.

P.S: Happy one-year, Z!

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