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Review: Chances and Changes- My Journey With Molly!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I'm getting back into the groove of reviewing my books-to-review backlog so I can read Luciana's third book the second I grab it! The first book I'm reviewing is Chances and Changes: My Journey with Molly.

This takes place the summer after Molly Saves The Day and revolves around a girl named Margaret who is faced with a tough choice- helping her best friend Bea raise her foal or going to a all-summer long music camp. She discovers a pin that allows her to go back in time to the summer after Molly Saves The Day, and then the reader takes on the role of Margaret and chooses what to do.

I chose for Margaret and Molly to go to the pool, and it was very interesting! I really liked the continuity from the Central Series, and how a new addition to the series could make Molly become braver. Molly's character arc was pretty cool! The only problem I had was with the present-day parts: they weren't that interesting and a bit redundant. Overall, I enjoyed this book! 7/10 stars.

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