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American Girl Spring Savings Sale: All The Scoop!

Today, American Girl is having early access for AG Rewards members for a very miraculous thing- a sale! Since I'm an AG Rewards member, all of you guys can look at the sale items through my blog!

First, there is an exclusive outfit from this sale- the Summertime Stripes Outfit. It costs $16.

Most of the sale items are markdowns on previous clearance items- however, there are a few ones that are exclusive to this sale:

-Music And Movies Entertainment Set ($51)

-Comfy Couch ($40)

-Movie Popcorn Machine ($28)

-Waffle Breakfast Set ($14)

-Blender & Milkshake Set ($14)

-Sports Storage Bench ($28)

-Rhythmic Gymnastics Outfit ($20)

-2 in 1 Gymnastics Practice Outfit ($18)

-Star Spangled Fan Gear ($20)

-Doll Sports ($11) -Maryellen's Living Room Set ($34)

-Maryellen's Television Console ($51) *NO MARYELLEN NEEDS HER TV DON'T RETIRE THIS*

-Maryellen's Ice Skating Accessories ($14)

-Kaya's Foal, Sparks Flying ($28) *HOW DARE YOU AMERICAN GIRL*


-Kaya's Deerskin Outfit ($18)

-Josefina's Bed And Bedding ($51) *IS JOSEFINA GONNA GET CUBED???*

-Josefina's Nighttime Accessories ($28)

-Melody's Block Party Set ($40)

-Melody's Play Outfit ($14)

-Melody's Hairstyling Set ($13)

-Melody's Travel Essentials ($28)

-Kit's Photographer Outfit ($20)

-Julie's Winter Coat and Hat ($20)

-Two Doll Tote for Girls ($14)

-Starry Doll Holder ($14)

-Apricot Poodle Puppy ($16)

-Furrocious Pet Outfit ($10)

-Elegant Earrings Set ($6)

-3 in 1 Ring Set ($4)

-Just Dotty Tank and Brief Set ($7)

-Williams-Sonama Cupcake Set For Dolls ($24)

What do you plan on getting?

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