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It's crazy to think that almost four whole years ago, I decided that kids with disabilities needed representation in toys, so I set out to create Special Dolls. Almost three years ago, I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so Special Dolls became a pet project of mine. Two years ago, I was sketching out ideas for potential Special Dolls and making prototypes out of materials like clay, Styrofoam balls and yarn. Last year, me and Dad started working to make Special Dolls a reality. It's all led up to this moment.

Earlier today, I was at CVS with my mom and sister to get my grandma a card for her birthday. It started out as a normal CVS trip. Picked up the card. Picked out a gift card to Grandma's favorite restaurant. But right when I got on the ever-so-long checkout line, I decided to grab my phone and check my email in hopes I got a notification from a film contest I submitted. But I got something better in my inbox.

To: Sydney and Sydney's Dad.

From: Special Dolls Manufacturer.

Subject: Your first doll finished!

I immediately started freaking out. I squealed a little, and then ran to the door of CVS so I could have better connection. (CVS wasn't my ideal setting for the big Elliana reveal, because my local CVS is notorious for having the worst service in town). After a five-or-so minute wait, the picture finally loaded.

Nine year old me was screaming.

Ten year old me was cheering.

Eleven year old me was shouting.

Twelve year old me was crying.

I jumped.

World, meet Elliana Ellington.

I'm going to have her in my hands by the end of the week. I am so excited- my dream is finally coming true!

What do you guys think?

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