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Preorder Elliana Doll NOW!

You can finally pre-order your Elliana doll and Spirit Outfit from Special Dolls!

*Doll not included*

Please pre-order Elliana and the Special Dolls Spirit Outfit! When you pre-order, you'll get shipped your order as soon as we get them in (Elliana dolls in Quarter 4 2018, Spirit Outfits in Quarter 3 2018). Pre-ordering the doll and outfit helps to make my dream of Special Dolls become a reality! We want to make dolls with differences that aren't normally represented- we have designs of Jennifer, a doll with a prosthetic leg and Katrina, a doll with type 1 diabetes, and I'm in the works of dreaming up dolls with more conditions like cancer, autism, muscular dystrophy, blindness and deafness and more uniqueness like a boy doll, a Hawaiian doll, an African-American doll, a doll with ombre hair and an Asian doll- but all of these ideas are counting on Elliana's success! Please pre-order!

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