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New WellieWishers Items For June Release!

American Girl put up the new WellieWishers items for the June 18th release on Amazon! Even though they are marked as out of stock, American Girl Doll News has the scoop on all the new items. They are all so cute and I love them.

The first item is the Ribbons and Stripes Outfit, which costs $24.

"The WellieWishers are throwing a backyard carnival--and this outfit is sweet as cotton candy! It features: a candy-striped dress with rickrack trim on the bodice and a bow at the waist, a glittery headband decorated with ribbon and a rickrack flower (the WellieWishers are great at crafts!), lilac leggings and glittery garden-clog shoes with ribbon bows. Doll not included."

This outfit is so adorable! I've got to admit that my WellieWishers have been a bit ignored lately, but I know that they need this outfit! Ashlyn would look amazing in this.

The next item is the Ringmaster Outfit, which costs $24.

"Step right up--the WellieWishers are staging a backyard carnival! This outfit is just right for the make-believe ringmaster: A striped jumpsuit with ruffles and ribbon at the waist, plus two colorful patches at the hip, a bright-red jacket that Aunt Miranda helped them sew, glittery blue shoes and a glittery top hat headband. Doll not included."

This outfit is, well, an outfit. Emerson deserves better clothes. #GIVEEMERSONTHECUTESTUFF2K18

The next item are the Carnival Games, which cost $48.

"Step right up! The WellieWishers made this game set for their backyard carnival. This 15-piece set includes: A carnival stand with a ticket booth on one side and homemade posters on the other, toss game board with three "flower" targets--win by throwing "bee" bean bags in the holes; six colorful flowerpots to stack for another toss game, a "ducks in a row" game with duck targets to knock over, two felt finger puppets for prizes and paper tickets to collect for the carnival games. Doll not included."

I'm probably not going to get this, but it's so cute and I look forward to seeing it in the store!

The last item that has a photo is the Popcorn and Candy Cart, which is $30.

"What better way for the WellieWishers to top off a backyard carnival than with homemade treats? This set includes: a treat stand with a crank that turns and causes popcorn to pop and cotton candy to spin, bins of pretend popcorn kernels and cotton candy to make in the stand, with a lid that fits on top, a scoop and two pretend bags of popcorn and a cone of soft cotton candy that fits in the stand. All food items are pretend. Doll not included."

Another amazing item from American Girl. This is going in my doll room one way or another.

One item that doesn't have a picture is the $15 Carnival Snack Tray.

"What's a carnival without treats? The WellieWishers make sure their guests have plenty of goodies: Two striped lollipops made for the doll to hold, two bags of carrots for a healthy snack, two juice cans with straws, and a snack tray with a blue ribbon that loops over the doll's neck for easy carrying. All food items are pretend. Doll not included."

Sounds so cute!

The last item without a picture is the Shetland Pony. It is $20.

" The WellieWishers invite their neighbor to the carnival--and he brings along this sweet pony! She has a soft, plush body with gray spots, and wears a bridle and reins for leading."

It is most likely this pony in a preview page of The Clippity-Cloppity Carnival:

It's so cute! According to the preview page, her name is Thunderstorm.

I can't wait to see them in person!

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