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AG Book Review: The Showstopper- A Rebecca Mystery!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I read this book a few days ago after having it since the February release- and now I'm finally reviewing it!

Rebecca and her cousin Ana have new jobs at a theater's farm to help support Ana's family. There, they get a task to deliver milk to the star of another theater's play, Olivia "Ollie" Berry, but the manager of the theater that Rebecca and Ana work for asks for them to spy on what the other theater is doing. As Ollie and Rebecca begin to grow in a sister-like bond, strange things keep on happening to Ollie and the play she's in. Rebecca then has to figure out who's doing this- and keep them from doing it.

I really liked this book! It had lots of plot twists- something that most AG mysteries lack. I couldn't predict the ending at all! I really liked Rebecca in this book- I'm glad Mary Casanova (who's a sweetheart- I met her at an AG store meet and greet the summer Grace was Girl of the Year) was able to make Rebecca seem like just the character she was in the Central Series. The only thing I didn't like was the suspects, they all were bland characters and had one-sided points of view. Overall, I enjoyed this. 8/10 stars!

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