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American Girl Sale- Up To 30% Off Select Items!

Happy Month of June to all!

Ah, June is great. Summer's about to start, American Girl is finally releasing stuff soon, and it is the month where I get to watch 2/3 of the trilogy of Miraculous Ladybug episodes that I've been waiting for for literally. two. years.

Like usual, American Girl is having a sale that will last through the whole Month of June. They are having up to 30% off random items! Here is the list:


-Pie Baking Set ($19)

-Tenney's Picnic Outfit ($22)

-Melody's Birthday Party Accessories ($32) -Nanea's School Lunch ($20)

-American Girl Williams-Sonama Cookie Stamp Set ($20)

-American Girl Parties ($15)

-American Girl Cooking ($15)


-American Girl Snack Stand ($63)

-Sun And Fun Outfit ($21)

-Tenney's Picnic Set ($21)

-Gabriela's Celebration Dress ($27)

-Mega Construx American Girl WellieWishers Peekaboo Picnic ($11)


-Gabriela's Colorful Cupcake Set ($23)

-Melody's Table and Chairs ($59)

-Bright Blooms Dress ($19)

-Cute and Comfy Lounge Outfit ($14)

These are all so cool, but excuse me while I cry because I forgot to use my April AG Rewards and they just expired and I never got my May one. The June one better be good!

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