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My New Additions!

Today, my collection expanded by three! Here are my new dolls:

This is Devyn! She's Truly Me 78. She loves writing and dreams of being a professional author, and doesn't let dyslexia get in the way of her wild imagination, which she relies on to create her stories! (PSA: She has regular hands, not Tenney hands like the stock photo.)

This is Cristina- she was named after the voice of Marinette/Ladybug in Miraculous, which I'm too obsessed with. Skateboarding is her passion and she dreams of winning the X Games in skateboarding one day. She practices all she can and can do amazing tricks!

This is Ariana- she was named after my amazing Internet friend Ariana The Great on YouTube and Instagram! She doesn't know why, but she loves voice acting and dreams to voice the main character on a show one day.

Here's me opening them: plus Luciana's Starry Night Accessories and the Skate Park Set!

P.S: I have noticed comments on here from a certain user being mean to people over the target audience and so-called "tomboys" collecting American Girl dolls. I'm a "tomboy" through and through- I hate dresses, love action movies and superheroes, and have only stepped foot into Forever 21 when I was forced to by my sister- but I have 106 American Girl dolls and don't plan to stop. There is more than one kind of person that can love American Girl, so just take your mean words to other types of people who collect AG and, in the words of Ladybug, "BUG OUT!"

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