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How To Help Out At An American Girl Camp!

For the past 3 summers, I have helped out at a local American Girl camp. I've had lots of fun helping out, and I decided to tell you guys how you can do it at your local American Girl camps!

1: Look up "American Girl Camp 2018 "insert town name here*". Usually, YMCAs, elementary schools and extracurricular activity venues are likely to have American Girl camps.

2: Find one that interests you, hasn't happened yet, you're at least 2 years too old for (I started helping out at the camp where the maximum age is 9 when I was 11) and is at your skill level. For example, there's an American Girl camp at a sewing place this year, but I didn't reach out to them because I don't know how to sew.

3: Go on their site, and check the date for any conflicts (camps, vacations, parties, etc.)

Before you go any further, ASK YOUR PARENTS! Or guardian, or one parent, or your bodyguard or your parent's assistant. You get what I'm saying.

Also, make sure you can handle little kids. Because that's what you'll have to deal with, most likely.

4: Look for an email address for the place that's holding the camp.

5: Write them a magic email like this (or you can just copy this and fill in the blanks):

To whom it may concern, (replace that with the person if you know who)

Hello. My name is (name), I am (age) years old, and I love American Girl dolls. Despite my age, I have (number) American Girl dolls and love them. I (whatever you do with your dolls, like stopmotioning, blogging, making clothes, photography or just plain playing) with my dolls all the time and they make me happy.

I was wondering if I could help out at your American Girl camp. It would be so much fun to help out since I love the dolls so much. I am (good qualities about you) and good with kids. If I can't, I understand.

Thank you for your time!



6: Send.

7: Wait for their response!

8: If they said yes, congrats and have fun! If they said no, you can try again with another AG camp or try again next year.

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