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Sydney's Guide On How To Save American Girl

With Toys R Us going the way of the dinosaurs, the Quantic Kids and Pleasantries (look up the last 2 if you don't know) in 2 days and seeing some of the comments on the last post, it got me thinking- American Girl is in trouble.

Big trouble.

There is time to save it though, so investors and Mattel, listen up carefully, because I have the ideas to save this brand!

1- Just make the dolls with pre-2016 quality. Neck strings, old eyes, non-squishy vinyl, old body cloth. It doesn't matter whether the dolls go up to $120 or even $130- American Girl will only succeed if the dolls don't have the quality of the old dolls.

2- Market them like crazy: give regular toy channels and maybe even teenage social influencers dolls so older people will want them, put ads on YouTube videos, maybe even add the movies back on Netflix!

3- Make more relatable, but still interesting, contemporary dolls. (Not every girl gets to go to Space Camp or Vidcon!)

4- Make more things that are described in the books for the BeForever dolls. It would make more sense for them!

5- Don't be scared to go back to the 1800s and 1700s for BeForever dolls. Sometimes the untouched eras are the more interesting ones!

6- Discontinue Bitty Babies. They had a nice run, but whenever I go to the American Girl store, the little kids are by the WellieWishers and 18 inch dolls 9/10 times- and it would give AG more money to make the 18 inch dolls succeed!

7- Have American Girl stopmotioners (yes, the few left) make AGSM movies for new dolls so people want to get them.