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Sydney's Guide On How To Save American Girl

With Toys R Us going the way of the dinosaurs, the Quantic Kids and Pleasantries (look up the last 2 if you don't know) in 2 days and seeing some of the comments on the last post, it got me thinking- American Girl is in trouble.

Big trouble.

There is time to save it though, so investors and Mattel, listen up carefully, because I have the ideas to save this brand!

1- Just make the dolls with pre-2016 quality. Neck strings, old eyes, non-squishy vinyl, old body cloth. It doesn't matter whether the dolls go up to $120 or even $130- American Girl will only succeed if the dolls don't have the quality of the old dolls.

2- Market them like crazy: give regular toy channels and maybe even teenage social influencers dolls so older people will want them, put ads on YouTube videos, maybe even add the movies back on Netflix!

3- Make more relatable, but still interesting, contemporary dolls. (Not every girl gets to go to Space Camp or Vidcon!)

4- Make more things that are described in the books for the BeForever dolls. It would make more sense for them!

5- Don't be scared to go back to the 1800s and 1700s for BeForever dolls. Sometimes the untouched eras are the more interesting ones!

6- Discontinue Bitty Babies. They had a nice run, but whenever I go to the American Girl store, the little kids are by the WellieWishers and 18 inch dolls 9/10 times- and it would give AG more money to make the 18 inch dolls succeed!

7- Have American Girl stopmotioners (yes, the few left) make AGSM movies for new dolls so people want to get them.

I will love American Girl until the day I die, and I don't want them to be discontinued in my lifetime. The thought of them going in my teens or 20's scares me, and even if they go bankrupt, I'll try my best to buy AG from Mattel and run AG in a way I know it would succeed with children and collectors alike.

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